Rise of the Last Toa: Part 1

Following the destruction and burial of the great spirit Mata Nui, a massive energy wave ripples throughout Bara Magna tearing apart all life and smashing the desert planet into its oceanic twin forming a planet not much different to earth. Continents form through the clash of molten and liquid protodermis making islands of solid protodermis surrounded by the waters of Bara Aqua. All of this forms a desolate utopia but, perhaps it is not so desolate after all. For the weak form of Toa Tahu, fragments of golden armour still clinging to him crawls out of the sand, and as it did once before, to bring about the rebuild of Mata Nui’s body, the sands that once belonged to Bara Magna swirl up around Toa Tahu. But this time they are joined by gusts of wind from the atmosphere, gushes of water from the seas, streams of magma from the core and chunks of ice from the polar ice caps. All of these elements swirl around Tahu creating Glatorian style armour to replace his damaged body. Once the process was complete, the last, and by far most powerful, toa stands on a mound of ice, sand and solid protodermis. He stands and surveys his surroundings, naming the evil paradise that he perceives Bara Ultra.

Toa Tahu in Glatorian Armour

The Last Toa has Risen



About firewriterben

My name is Ben and I am 11 years old. I love dragons, wolves, eagles and the element Fire (or pyro as I call it.. also it's Latin name. This is a place for my writing and thoughts.
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